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Primabolics Warfare Ripped takes the tried and tested formula of Warfare and combines it with high potency thermogenics to not only enhance your mood, focus and energy but also to drive lipolysis for ultimate fat burning potential.

Designed to break down stored fatty acids to convert them into usable fuel, Warfare Ripped helps increase the specific utilisation of fatty acids during exercise while also driving performance through the use of key amino acids for both brain function and physical enhancement.


Core Ingredients

Pump & Endurance Matrix

The pump and endurance matrix combines 3 ingredients designed to work synergistically to enhance nitric oxide production, improve intramuscular hydration and improve strength.</p>

High Potency Thermogenic Complex

The thermogenic matrix utilises some key methylxanthines in caffeine, coffee and green tea alongside vital transportation ingredients and performance enhancing alkaloids. This synergistic combination stimulates lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fatty acids, while also supporting the transportation of them for enhanced fat loss.

Laser Focus Matrix

Combining effective nootropics, alongside Tyrosine and hordenine, the laser focus blend helps stimulate the release of key mood and focus regulating neurotransmitters while also enhancing the mind-muscle connection and preventing the reuptake of neurotransmitters in the brain, which means no energy crash.

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