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Gamma Labs G Fuel (GFuel) – Fuel for Gamers

The one and only G Fuel by Gamma Labs has landed at Supplement Mart! This all-in-one focus and pre-workout is a naturally formulated energy drink that’s benefitted those from all aspects of life – from weekend warriors through to professional sports and E-sports stars. Originally designed to help give e-gamers a competitive edge with increased focus and mental alertness, G Fuel has gained significant traction for its great formulation and effectiveness. G Fuel is loaded with a B vitamin complex, antioxidants, and as much as a large cup of coffee worth of caffeine, all while still being very low calorie and ZERO sugar! This makes G Fuel the perfect choice for those seeking long lasting energy without the crash; perfect for all situations whether you’re up all night gaming , studying for exams or about to hit the gym for training.

Each serving of Gamma Labs G Fuel gives you the goodness of:

  • Focus and cognition matrix including 2 types of Tyrosine, Carnitine and ATP.
  • Essential antioxidants and fortified vitamin complex to best support health and wellbeing.
  • Strong serving of caffeine to boost energy levels, making G Fuel a great coffee alternative.
  • Sugar and gluten free.
  • Ultra low calorie.

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