Lacking Progress In The Gym?

Lacking Progress In The Gym?

Progress Lacking? Is it diet.... Is it because you've missed a session... or is it something as simple as tracking your training....

The remarkable changes we all witness as we power through our fitness journey keep us motivated, rewards us for our efforts and empower us to keep on the grind.

Unfortunately for the vast majority we all hit a point in our training where the reward for effort doesn't seem to be adding up anymore. It is well documented that diet plays a key role in achieving your goals with the old saying

"training is only 10% of the equation and diet is the other 90%"

The saying would be true to the vast majority but there are many that hit their calorie and macro requirements on the head and still progress evades their reach.

Recording your training.....

Seems simple enough doesn't, I mean we all remember what we did last week don't we?? In the fast paced world we live in now I am lucky enough to remember what I did in the gym 2 days ago.

Here becomes the start to one key factor with regards to lack of progress. 

"Lift the same, remain the same"

We hit the gym breakdown the muscle, recover and repeat to progress... seems simple enough but when you apply this to relative intensity of your workouts it can become a little grey.

For example say your squatted 100kg for 10 reps last week and this week you decided I'm going to put an extra 10kg on the bar. You load the bar up, get in the rack and go on to hit 6 reps. Now while its great and you have hit a NEW PB so to speak you have actually fell short of the intensity you put in the week before. 

How do we track this intensity level you ask. Well its relative to your 1RM for the exercise. There are many calculators on the net that can help with estimating your 1RM based on the weight lifted and the reps completed. The accuracy of most of these calculators is actually quite good and if you find its falling short of a real 1RM its a good chance you are holding back on the reps completed of the weight you entered.

Ie: you didn't lift that weight as many times as you could have.

How does this apply to the example above well using the 1RM calc available on ( )

The theoretical 1RM of the 100kg x 10rep is 133kg

The theoretical 1RM of the 110kg x 6reps is 129kg

If you had managed 7 reps you would have equalled your previous weeks efforts.

Now if you had managed 8reps  you would have achieved a new theoretical 1RM of 138kg and would have progressed from your previous week.

Now what do we do with all this information, we record it, hold ourselves accountable and make sure the valuable time we spend in the gym isn't going to waste. 

At BSF - Bigger Stronger Faster we are looking to help our customers and have developed a handy quick chart for reference while your in the gym. When you pop your next order through the online store just add a quick note to your cart if you would like a copy or visit the our store and ask our friendly staff for a copy.